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It's Danny!

An L.A based Illustrator, trying to make a mark in this world. Being the youngest of three sisters and a single mom I always made an effort to grab peoples attention through my hard work and jokester personality. Since I was a kid, I loved talking to new people and creating new experiences.

So I did what any outgoing person would do. I attempted to join every club and competitions, from drama to debate, art competitions and even hula dancing at one point. I loved doing all these things, and I put my 100% into each. Yet none of them made me want to work the hardest and try my best, as much as the arts did. Once I learned how much fun I had doing illustration, I have stuck with it ever since and have surrounded myself with people who push me farther in my craft. Everyday I always hit the ground running with projects and finish with just as much spirit.

I am currently a senior in Communication Arts at Otis College of Art and Design with a focus in illustration. My work focuses on creating moods that the viewer can involve themselves to create emotional connections. The content I produce ranges from pattern design, motion, and illustration. No matter what I work on I strive to make enjoyable and exceptional work.

Contact info 

E-mail: daniela-968@live.com